Art Creates Excellence Summer Camp

The ACE program is 4 weeks in July. Most classes are in the Riverfront Renaissance

The instructors are chosen from the hundreds of artists that participate in exhibitions and events in the Arts District. Curriculum change each year to appeal to kids who attend for more than two years. 

Teen attendees are often interested in pursuing art in college. MDC works with artists to offer mentoring for their portfolios.

This summer will be the 22nd Anniversary of ACE!

The program will be limited to 50% capacity due to COVID-19.  All children and staff will need to wear a mask.

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JUL 6, 2021 to JUL 30, 2021
All Ages will attend Monday to Friday from 9am to 12noon. July 6 is a Tuesday.


Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
22 N. High Street

More Info:

Phone: 856-293-0556
Art Exhibit for ACE Teens