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Copperplate Studio


Thursdays - Sundays 10 to 6 Fridays: till 7
506 N. High St.
Phone: 609-226-4795

Maryann Cannon graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. She works primarily as a realistic oil painter. Her other love is intaglio etchings. She maintains a painting studio in La Bottaga of Art, located in the Glasstown Arts District of Millville NJ. Her etching studio, Copperplate Studio is located in the rear of the LaBottega Gallery and Art Studio.

Making art you can live with!

"I have been drawing all my life. As any artist, I have an active imagination. I love to respond to what I am seeing. Sometimes it is the enviroment that I am living in. Local landscapes, or local interiors of the Arts District I am living in. Massive or small trees, any kind of a tree will speak to me. Starting with a sketch can develope into an oil painting, or an etching. Sometimes it never leaves the sketch book. This web site may be the way to share private sketches that will never leave the books. I go back and look at my own drawings, they give me a memory or an idea to create something new." 
-Maryann Cannon, Painter

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Copperplate Studio | 506 N. High St., Millville, NJ