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Mondays - Thursdays: 11 - 5 Fridays - Saturdays: 11 - 7 Sundays - 11 - 5
22 N High St
Phone: 856-327-4500
Our Galleries The RRCA has four gallery spaces it rotates shows in and out of throughout the year. The spaces can also be rented for your event, no matter the type! North Gallery The largest exhibit space at the RRCA, the North Gallery is adorned with fabulous windows looking out to all that is happening on High Street. Associate Artist Alcove This gallery space is a wonderful little nook, or alcove, if you will, that allows our multi-talented Associate Artists the opportunity to rotate one- or two-person exhibitions each month of the year. Displaying artwork in the Alcove is one of the many perks of becoming an RRCA Associate Artist. Witt Gallery Named after Millville's Artist Laureate, Pat Witt, the Witt Gallery is lined with subdued yellow-toned walls and wood flooring and provides a very sophisticated viewing space for exhibitions. Slightly smaller than the North Gallery, the Witt Gallery is also a wonderful space for community meetings and other events. Atrium The Atrium at RRCA provides a striking entrance to the facility, and is often the site of special exhibits, including those by school groups and residents of local assisted living and retirement homes. Small events are also held in this space, such as dinners or signing events. Contact us for more information.
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Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts | 22 N High St, Millville, NJ