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Arts & Innovation Center - Rowan College of SJ


Mon - Thurs 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Fri, Sat.

Closed Sunday 

Every Third Friday open until 9 p.m. for artists' receptions

321 N. High Street
Phone: 856-765-0988

Arts & Innovation Center - Rowan College of South Jersey 


Once part of Cumberland County College it is now one of the campus' of Rowan College.  The Arts and Innovation Center is located at 321 N. High St., Millville, NJ in the heart of the Arts District and the City's downtown. The two-story building ll houses the former Clay College on the first floor and the Fine Arts program and general education courses from the main campus on the second floor.  Class also include innovative programs in Cybersecurity, Luthiery, and Beverage Tourism/Tasting Room Management. The College will continue to sustain, enhance, and create new credit and Continuing Education programs to benefit of students and community. Its presence in Center City Millville will enhances its accessibility to small business locally and regionally.

Visit the Gallery and Gift Shop!  Receptions are held every Third Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with the Glasstown Arts District.

Arts & Innovation Center - Rowan College of SJ | 321 N. High Street, Millville, NJ