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RRCA STUDIOS -- Concetta Stoto


By Appointment, on Third Fridays (after COVID), or by chance.

22 N. High Street -- Studio #7
Phone: 856-327-4500

22 N. High Street -- Studio #5

Having grown up in South Jersey, I earned my BFA from Stockton University. In 2017, I studied in the Netherlands and France, for my M.A., concentrating on both World Wars and the Holocaust. It was at the Somme, in France, that I discovered the eternal spectres of WWI. The Somme still bears the haunting cries of the dead, sacrificed in a war that did not, as it turns out, end all wars. It was then that I decided that I must paint about these things.

Art is the meaning of my life.

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RRCA STUDIOS -- Concetta Stoto | 22 N. High Street -- Studio #7, Millville NJ