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RRCA STUDIOS -- David Baird

David Baird Mural in the 100 Block of High Street


By Appointment, on Third Fridays (after COVID), or by chance.

22 N. High Street -- Studio #8
Phone: 856-327-4500

22 N. High Street -- Studio #8

I had a little bio written out, and, I thought it was pretty good, too. At least from the storyline aspect of things. That, apparently, is not how these "bio things" work. They should be factual, and briefly state my schooling and such. Most of that sort of thing bored me , so I am pretty sure if I told you it would bore you as well. So it's probably best I don't remember it all.

I do, however, recall the joy of smelling that big box of Crayola crayons (yeah, the one with the built in sharpener) and that is probably why I am here. I am a creative, and I love being part of this quirky community.  

*Dave’s alter ego, “AllenSketch Club” runs a live, figure model class at RRCA (Sketchclub). 

RRCA STUDIOS -- David Baird | 22 N. High Street -- Studio #8, Millville NJ