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Cumberland County Martial Arts Training Center

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531 North High Street
Phone: 856-327-2244
Tae Kwon Do: It's more than a sport; It's a way of life. Cumberland County Martial Arts has been open for business since 1994. Through teaching WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo, Master Jason Renyo is a certified 5th Degree Black Belt through the Kukkiwon Federation in Taekwondo's birthplace, Seoul, Korea. WTF Taekwondo is renowned World-wide, as it the only form of Martial Arts allowed at the Olympics. Existing are two forms of Taekwondo, WTF & ITF, where in the 1960s, WTF evolved from ITF, as it broke away from it's Japanese influences, where their new form, WTF contained complete Korean combative style. At CCMA, your child will learn the ways of WTF with some influences of the ITF style. WTF Taekwondo is more than the sport that it is perceived to be, it is a way of life. Dedication and ambition along with discipline make up the tiers of Taekwondo. Once involved, Taekwondo can change your life- if you let it. Cumberland County Martial Arts Training Center, better known as CCMA throughout it's home of Millville, New Jersey, finds it's basis on the foundation of respect and self-confidence. Here at CCMA, we hope to instill in you or your child a sense of personal fitness, self-reassurance, discipline and wish to invoke a sense of ambition and sportsmanship. Serving as a basis for self-defense, your child will learn techniques to avoid violence, bullying and discover innovative ways of coping with stressful situations. Learn more at our website.
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Cumberland County Martial Arts Training Center | 531 North High Street, Millville, NJ