Gateway Mural at Halfway Mark


A new mural is being painted at the corner of Broad and High Streets. This intersection serves as the northern entrance into the Glasstown Arts District, Millville, New Jersey. Holly City Development Corporation included public art creation in its 2016 2017 Center City Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit program and collaborated with the Millville Development Corporation to administer the mural projects. Five (5) community focus groups were held that included residents, children, business and non-profit individuals who talked with the three mural artists that were selected to submit proposals. Participants of the focus groups gave their visions of what they would like to see in the mural. Afterwards, the artists submitted drawings depicting the mural they would create. A judging panel of five people were presented with the drawings and explanations. Criteria included materials, proper business insurance and the actual concepts. Marcos Monteiro of Mayslanding, New Jersey was selected as the mural finalist. His concept reflects the diversity of the city, historic figures and the glass industry, the Maurice River, arts, theater and culture, and the hope of our future resting with our children. The mural will be 88 feet long by 25 feet high and very visible to everyone driving or walking on High Street. Monteiro received his degree in fine arts from UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He began working in the United States in 1992 as an illustrator and sign artist. Living in southern New Jersey he specialized in figure and portrait painting. Several of his murals can be found in many Atlantic City casinos. Large canvas paintings depicting WWII are located in Smith & Jackson Military Antiques & Firearms at the Millville Airport and on the U.S.S. New Jersey battleship museum in Camden. At this point in time, more than twenty-five percent of the Gateway Mural is completed. Weather permitting, Marcos anticipates completing the mural by the end of the year.

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Gateway Mural on Oct. 24, 2016