Looking Forward to New Businesses in Rennovated Buildings


Several buildings have completed or are near completion of rennovation on the inside and exterior.  The owners have spent a lot of time and money in planning and rehabilitating well-known buildings.

One location is ready to welcome tenants for one-bedroom apartments on the 2nd and 34rd floors.   They are brand new with stainless steel appliances and granite counter tops!  Contact us for more information.

There are great opportunities to begin your new business in small, medium or very large spaces.  Expansion of an existing business or transitioning from a strip mall can be accommodated.  You'll often find that you will have a more reasonable rent on the main street in downtown.  

We have 94 active businesses in the Glasstown Arts District plus government and public entities.  You'll find the neighborhood warm and inviting with a collection of entrepreneurs of many ages.  

We, the Millville Development Corporation, will be delighted to work with you, introduce you to officials you will need to contact and offer incentives that may be beneficial.  

Call 856-293-0556 or email:

Beautiful Buildings on N. High Street
Building Ready for Business and Residents